Research Projects

Data Sharing in Accessibility and Aging

@ UMD Intelligent Assistive Machines Lab
Datasets and data sharing play an important role in technological innovation but available data in accessibility and aging are scarce. The goal of this project is to mitigate the issues regarding inclusivity of data-driven methods and technologies.

A Cognitive Navigation Assistant for the Blind

@ CMU Cognitive Assistance Lab
We conducted multiple user studies to inform the design of assistive technologies that support blind navigation and exploration inside complex buildings, including large hospitals and shopping malls. The studies included observation of how a prototype navigation system might help.


Support Strategies for Remote Guides in Assisting People with Visual Impairments for Effective Indoor Navigation

@ UTokyo Y.Sato Lab
This work investigated remote guide performance for assisting people with visual impairments in indoor navigation. We extracted social and technical recommendations to maximize training opportunities for untrained remote guides and improve the current design of remote mobility assistance.

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